The PADI Open Water Diver Course


PADI Open Water Diver Course

Internationally recognised, the PADI Open Water course is the most popular scuba course in the world. It is a qualification for life and qualifies you and a buddy to dive independently of supervision in conditions similar to, or better than those you trained in. 

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How does the course work?


The course consists of 3 distinctive parts:-

  • Knowledge development & theory:

Your training begins with PADI Open Water eLearning. You will learn the basic principles of diving in a very user friendly way. Although this is the self-study part of the course we are available to help! 

  • Pool sessions:

The fun begins! You will have 5 swimming pool sessions in which you will learn and practice scuba skills under the supervision of your instructor.  

  • Open water dives:

You will continue your training into open water! You get to demonstrate the skills you've learned in the pool in open water diving scenarios over 4 dives. We mainly use the sea for the Open Water section of the course, this way you experience 'real life' diving. 

Once your instructor is satisfied you can complete the skill requirements you will be an Open Water Certified Diver! You will receive your PADI Open Water Certification card and can then continue your dive adventure anywhere in the world!


Why choose Go Below Scuba Diving?

  • We teach in small groups - giving you more time with our instructors
  • The Open Water section of the course is mainly taught in the sea. Not just in a lake or quarry. 
  • Courses are run over an intensive 4 days or evenings and weekends depending on your needs.
  • We are fully insured (Thankfully never used)
  • Our active dive club gives you the opportunity to keep diving once qualified
  • Competitively priced courses 
  • 'Pay as you learn' payment plans are available contact us for information

Course fees and booking

What happens after the course?

Once you are certified you will probably want to go diving! We are an active club and dive throughout the year, exploring the wrecks and reefs along the south coast and will encourage you to join us to develop your skills and of course have fun diving. 'Like' our Facebook page or contact us to find out when we're next diving. 

You may want to continue your diver training after your Open Water qualification, we offer a range of PADI Further Education courses

Here's what Luke had to say after completing his intensive course.........

"I'm Really glad I chose to take the Open Water training with Mark because his approach to delivering the course was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely professional throughout the whole week, whilst ensuring that the training environment was still relaxed and enjoyable.Any queries I had were answered almost immediately. Mark definitely went above and beyond to ensure that my diving experience went smoothly & I recommend Go Below to anybody who is looking to start diving" 


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